Training – Community Transformation

Program description: Globally, there are countless initiatives conducted to effect the transformation of
communities. Usually, these are done through programs funded by international development
organizations, national governments, local governments, NGOs, CBOs, and citizens working together for
the betterment of their communities. Acquiring the desired skills to effect community transformation is necessary to overcome the many challenges faced in effecting community change. This program is intended to provide these skills.
Additionally, this program is designed to expose participants to various concepts of community transformation and to provide functional skills to effect desired community change. Examples of community transformation in practice will also be part of the course. Instructors will utilize a variety of teaching methods with specific emphasis on developing functional skills relevant to practice.

Upon successful completion of the program, a Certificate in Community Transformation will be awarded

There are four (4) courses in this program, namely:

CT 100 – Introduction to community development

CT 101 – Models of community transformation

CT 102 – Planning for and leading community change

CT 103 – Community transformation in practice

Duration: Each course will be 6 hours duration, 2 hours per week. The entire program will be of 12 weeks duration.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the program, participants will be:

  • familiar with the theories, models, practices and processes of community change.
  • equipped to plan for and lead a community transformation process
  • exposed to various community transformation experiences

CT 100 – Introduction to community development:  Participants will be introduced to the various ways of understanding community development and the characteristic features of each approach. Participants will also discuss the associated models and their applications in promoting community development.

CT 101 – Models of community transformation: Participants will discuss community transformation models with emphasis on the features and applications of the Asset- Based Community Development model. The use of this model to bring about community transformation will be a major part of this course.

CT 102 – Planning for and leading community change: Effective community change does not happen by chance. It requires careful thought, thorough planning combined with astute leadership. Understanding the planning and leadership requirements for successful community transformation is absolutely necessary and will be provided through this course.

CT 103 – Community transformation in practice: This course is designed to expose participants to experience in community transformation through interactions with practitioners and professionals.